How to setup a Gaming Server ?

Setup Gaming Server

Many gamers want to setup online hosted server for their online multiplayer games like ARK survival evolved. This tutorial will show you how to setup an online gaming server using vps providers directly instead of choosing a costly gaming server services from game hosting companies. There are services like which provide servers for any online gaming. But its costly when you are on a budget like myself. An Ark Survival Online server costs about 30$ per month for 30 players and the maximum players is 70 players at 70$ per month. So if you wanted more players there is no option provided and you can save money by creating your own server on VPS or dedicated hosting providers. I use digital ocean or vultr for my VPS gaming servers.

By Choosing to setup your own gaming server you save a lot of money and you will have complete control of what system you want to run on your server.

Step1 :

Choose a VPS or Dedicated Hosting provider :

I am using digitalocean for my VPS servers as they provide SSD servers and they can be setup instantly within a few minutes with your desired OS.  Some coupon code websites like digital ocean promos give you coupons to get free 10$ Credit which you can use on creating your server instantly upon creating a new account. You can use other VPS or dedicated server providers too like Vultr and godaddy.

Step2 :

Download and install the multiplayer server game on to the server using terminal or GUI. If you choose to go with windows server you can use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your gaming server.

Step3 :

Now you can connect to the server to play multiplayer games with your friends. You can also assign a domain name like or use its IP address to connect to the server.

Video Tutorial to setup game servers on Digital Ocean VPS :

I have provided a video below where they explain how they set up a server running minecraft using a VPS in just 120 seconds.

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